My name is Carlos Vieira.

I was born in Zimbabwe, raised in Canada, and now live in Ecuador.

I am the director of the Onzole River Project, a project of the Navigators of Canada, which partners with the predominantly Afro-Ecuadorian communities along the banks of the remote Onzole River in the north-western province of Esmeraldas.

We believe in, advocate for, and invest in our friends in these communities who have experienced marginalization on multiple levels for generations. We focus mostly on developing a range of diverse education initiatives, both formal and informal, in partnership with community members, believing that through education we can not only discover who we are, our innate value, and begin to dream of a better future, but also acquire the skills to actually achieve it.

I also work with the Navigators of Canada, a faith-based Christian organization that focuses on helping people make sense of who Jesus is and how to follow Him in a world that often doesn’t make it easy.

I’ve found that this combination of investing in peoples’ education while simultaneously journeying with them in faith is a very powerful catalyst for meaningful and sustained change.

Through the years of engaging and coming alongside these communities, my friends along the river have been teaching me what it really means to love one another. Together we’ve been tearing down the barriers between us one by one.

These are the stories of that process.

Join us.

The Onzole River Project is a project of the Navigators of Canada, a registered Canadian charity. If you resonate with the stories found here, and find yourself inspired by the work we do, please consider donating towards our continued efforts and receive a tax deduction for any amount given.

Click Here To Donate From Canada 

Click Here To Donate From the U.S.

Thanks so much for your support. If you would like to know more about this process please feel free to contact me (Info found on my Contact page).

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